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Independent expertise in fixed income

Who we are

City & Continental Ltd is an established institutional fixed income broker. Based in Cheapside in the heart of the City of London, we service institutions across both primary and secondary markets.

Originally founded in 1999 by traders from Salomon Brothers and Bank of America, City & Continental has built up a reputation as a specialist in illiquid and distressed debt, as well as the conventional bond markets. Our highly experienced dealers service institutional clients in a range of debt instruments – including retail-eligible bonds.


From price discovery, through to the sourcing of high yielding distressed debt, City & Continental’s team of experienced dealers provide financial institutions with expertise and breadth of vision in the often opaque bond and loan markets:

  • Identification of value & comparative value
  • Sourcing/sale of illiquid secondary market bonds
  • Asset swaps and repackaging
  • Restructuring of distressed securities
  • Secondary market loans and syndicated loans

Market commentary

City & Continental provide regular coverage of the fixed income markets for their client base and ad-hoc coverage of special situations.

To sign up for “The Daily Fix” Mark Glowrey’s regular update on the GBP bond market, please register here.

Please note, the Daily Fix is only available for suitable professional investors. The Daily Fix is unrestricted market commentary available without cost to all investors on an unsolicited basis. It is not investment research.


City & Continental specialise in helping organisations to raise debt finance through:

 Retail-eligible bonds

 Non-index eligible public issues

Private placements

Bond restructuring

Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you

Settlement & Custody

City & Continental Ltd clears its bond transactions through Pershing Securities Ltd via a “Model B” clearing arrangement.

Under this agreement, Pershing undertakes to honour transactions we strike in the market and therefore becomes the counterparty to our clients. Pershing is fully owned by Bank of New York, which is rated Aa2 by Moody’s.

We can offer, in certain circumstances, custody services to customers, Pershing Securities acting as nominee. For further information regarding Pershing, please contact us directly.

Contact Us

General enquiries:
020 3039 3450

Trading room:
020 3039 3460

City & Continental
Cheyne House
Crown Court
62-63 Cheapside

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